What will we be asked to do?

In IMAGINE 1 we asked all participating families to complete some online questionnaires. A subset of families were invited to a face-to-face interview. In IMAGINE 2 we will invite families to complete the same assessments a second time, in order to find out if anything has changed.

If you are new to IMAGINE 2 we will invite you to complete some online questionnaires. 

Main assessments (all families):

We asked registered families to complete some online questionnaires through a secure internet connection. The questionnaires asked about the family’s medical background, and about their child’s development and behaviour. The assessments took about 3 hours in total but did not have to be completed in one go. Answers were saved as they went along. If families could not do this online, the IMAGINE ID team completed the questionnaires in person or over the phone. Based on answers, the IMAGINE ID team sent a personalised summary report about their child’s strengths and difficulties.

Further assessments (some families):

Based on answers to the initial assessments, some families were asked to complete additional online tasks.

Face-to-face interview (some families):

At registration, we asked some families if they would like to take part in a face-to-face interview or Virtual Home Visit with our team. This involved some additional games, puzzles, and tasks with children and took about 4-5 hours.