Can my family take part in IMAGINE ID?

We will be inviting families who participated in IMAGINE ID to take part in a follow-up study called IMAGINE 2. 

We are now open to new recruitment. If you would like to take part please get in touch. 

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What were families asked to do?

Families were asked to complete some online questionnaires through a secure internet connection. These asked about their child’s behaviour, development, and medical history. We also asked parents and/or carers about their own health. 


How did children benefit?

Families with children aged 19 and under received a personalised summary report of their child’s strengths and difficulties. They may have found these useful for assessments for services, school, or specialist treatments.


We are interested in joining, what are the next steps? 

Unfortunately, we are not recruiting new families to take part in IMAGINE 2. Only families who took part in the first phase of the  IMAGINE ID study are eligible to take part in IMAGINE 2.