We need your help

You may have seen that we are spreading the word about our project and asking for more families to join. Our “We need your help” advert has been appearing in pos’ability, SEN and Enable magazines and will be in the Summer Issue of Autism Eye. Our lovely book Avery is also helping to raise awareness and is featuring in some of these magazines too. 


Join our research project…

Does your child have learning difficulties? Do they have a genetic diagnosis? Are they aged 4 or over? You can help, please join our research project.

What’s involved?

After completing our online questionnaire you will receive a report about your child’s strengths and difficulties. You can also choose to take part in our optional face-to-face assessments. 

“So what does his mean for my child?”

A genetic diagnosis is just the beginning…

We want to understand the challenges families face, help improve care and find better treatments.

And also…

All families receive a copy of our children’s book, Avery, who is not alone. Avery is a beautifully illustrated children’s book which has received heart-warming feedback from families taking part in our research project. 

Can you help?

We urgently need more families to take part!

Your knowledge and expertise will be valuable to other families too.

Contact us Email: imagine.id@nhs.net Tel: 01223 25463