Volunteer for our Study Consultation Group

As we prepare to launch IMAGINE 2, we are delighted to formally recruit a voluntary consultation group to help shape the study.

It is important to us that the IMAGINE ID research programme is centred around our family’s needs and is as accessible as possible. The role of the consultation group is to provide feedback and guidance on different areas of the study. We want to create a space to keep our families involved in shaping the study’s direction. We’re keen to hear their feedback and to find out how best to share the study’s findings. 

If you decide to join the IMAGINE ID Consultation Group we’ll invite you to 3 to 4 virtual meetings a year. These will last for approximately 1 to 2 hours. We understand you may not be able to attend every meeting and there is no expectation to do so. We will make the meeting minutes available and do our best to keep everyone posted on what’s happening.  

Please email us if you would be interested in joining or if you’d like to find out more here> or give us a ring on 020 8138 7768.