A plea for help at this festive time of year!

We desperately need your help! We urgently need more families to take part!

IMAGINE ID has been running for over 2 years now and we are pleased to say over 1,800 children and young people with various different genetic changes have joined the project so far. We are working closely with the UK Genetics Centres, support groups and charities, such as Unique, to increase this number and try to reach our target of 5,000 by 2019

Reaching over 1,800 participants is a fantastic achievement, but we need at least double this number by this time next year! The aim of our study is to help answer the most frequently asked question when a child receives a genetic diagnosis, “so what does this mean for my child?” 
To achieve this we want to collect as much information as possible from families with rare genetic conditions, which is why we need 5,000 patients!

We have until March 2019 to reach this number.
If you feel this has been a worthwhile study to be a part of and know of other families who would benefit from this, please recommend us, invite a friend or share amongst any patient groups or charities you may be involved with. 


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