Project Update – May 2018

Since our last project update we have recruited nearly 500 more families to our study. We now have over 2300 participants which is fantastic news! In fact we reached our highest ever recruitment total for a single month in March of this year with 110 new participants joining. A huge thank you to everyone involved in achieving this number.  

Your Thoughts

Thank you to all the families who have joined so far and for the feedback you have given us. As always we have received lots of praise for Avery, who continues flying to our families:

“It’s a beautifully written and illustrated book. All preschool and primary school settings should have a copy. “

It is also lovely to hear how the children’s personalised report is being used and how useful it is to each family:

“The report… has increased understanding and empathy around my son’s behaviour and the way he is wired socially and emotionally.”

You Can Join

To be eligible your child must be aged 4 and over and have intellectual disability with a genetic diagnosis. 

If you, or someone your know is interested in our study please complete the contact us form. Alternatively you can email us at or call us on 01223 254631.