IMAGINE ID Team in Edinburgh

The IMAGINE ID Team was invited by the University of Edinburgh in June 2022 to present at the Neurodevelopmental Annual Seminar. 

Feedback on IMAGINE 1 DAWBA Reports

Our Research Assistant, Harriet Housby presented findings about family perceptions of the DAWBA reports we send families as part of IMAGINE 1. Our key findings were:

  • Families told us that the DAWBA reports were useful in changing their understanding of their child’s behaviour.
  • DAWBA reports were shared widely with other people, particularly with those involved in the child’s care. 
  • Many families reported using their reports as supporting evidence for EHCP plans or disability allowance applications. 

To see the poster please click here: IMAGINE ID Personalised Report Impact Poster

COVID-19 & Shielding

Hannah Aissa, our placement student shared findings on the impact of shielding during the COVID-19 pandemic on children and young people within the IMAGINE study. We found that: 

  • Children with ID and a rare genetic disorder experienced a range of challenges during the pandemic.
  • Those who were shielding were reported to have greater emotional difficulties and worse prosocial skills (e.g. less helpful behaviours) than those who were not shielding.

To see the poster please click here: The impact of shielding on children and young people in IMAGINE-ID Poster