Successful family day for 16p11.2 Syndromes

IMAGINE ID in collaboration with Genetic Alliance UK hosted a very successful event for families affected by 16p11.2 deletion and duplication syndromes on 22nd October at Cardiff University. The day was a great opportunity for families affected by 16p11.2 to meet up with each other and to hear about current 16p11.2 research and organisations offering support. 

IMAGINE ID Principal Investigators Professor Marianne Van Den Bree from Cardiff University and Professor David Skuse from UCL presented some preliminary findings from the project, as well as explaining to families how to become involved with the project.  There was also research presented from the European 16p11.2 Consortium in Switzerland and US-based Simons VIP connect 16p11.2 study. Dr Beverly Searle, CEO of Unique: The Rare Chromosome Disorder Support Group, and Emma Hughes from Genetic Alliance UK concluded the day with presentations on how their organisations are collaborating and can offer help and support to families.

This was the largest meeting of families affected by 16p11.2 in the UK and we look forward to hosting an even bigger event in the future. We would like to thank all families and collaborators who joined us for an excellent day.