DiNA Dinosaur – Wall of Fame

DiNA, the Imagine ID Dinosaur!

Thank you to Prabdeep for colouring in DiNA at the recent Kidz to Adultz exhibition in Farnborough. We love how colourful he has made our friendly dinosaur. Brilliant work!!

We often take DiNA, our friendly dinosaur to events and family days that we attend. Sadly, DiNA doesn’t always feel very colourful. Luckily, there are often brilliant children willing to give her some bright colours and make her smile again!!!

Thank you

We want to thank everyone who has coloured DiNA’s picture, she looks beautiful in all of them. We thought we would share some more of this lovely DiNA artwork …

 Dina from child cropsmlDiNA_2 webDiNA_4 web DiNA_2 family dayDiNA_1 family day