AVERY – buy online

After so much lovely feedback about Avery and also many requests to purchase this beautiful book we are very pleased to announce that copies can now be bought online. Avery costs £8 within the UK and £10 outside the UK. Prices include postage & packaging. 

Purchase Avery here

Please feel free to share this exciting news with your friends, family and colleagues. 

Rare Disease & Intellectual Disability

The Imagine ID study aims to help families affected by rare disease and intellectual disability. A question parents often ask when their child has a genetic condition: “So what does this mean for my child?”

To answer this important question we are:

  • Collecting information about a large group of children with intellectual disability
  • Doing research to find out how genetic changes affect children and young people’s behaviour
  • Hoping this will help with the care of families and children now, and in the future

All sales of this book will be used to benefit the Imagine ID project and the families involved. Click here for more information about Avery.